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Punches & Dies

YENER KALIP manufactures punches and dies to support all type of tablet presses available on the market today.

Single Tip Tooling:

IF you produce under 1 million tablets per hour, you have to use single tip tools.Single tip tools reduces your tooling costs and provides faster tool production time.


    • Quick setup time
    • Faster lead time (for supplier)
    • Reduces tooling costs.

Multi Tip Tooling

If you produce in excess of 1 million tablets per hour with a rotary tabletting press you must use multi tip tools.Multitip tools increases your productivity, reduces working hour and production costs.We also supply tools suitable for eccentric machines.It minimizes cost, multiplies production and it can pay off.For example if pharmaceutical company produces 5.000 pellets per minute using single-tip tooling, they can definitely produce 15.000 pellets per minute if they switch to tree-tip tooling.That's 300 percent increase without additional personal or equipment.